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Strung up on style

Published: February 15, 2022

BAGS are not just a necessity, they are also a fashionable accessory, a must-have staple in this modern era. They come in an abundance of styles, shapes and sizes for each occasion.

One crochet lover is turning her passion into a business, crafting elegant crochet bags with refined knots that look simply stylish. Her bags have a sophisticated look, and are so detailed that they can even pass for one manufactured by a famous bag brand.

The bags are actually hand-knitted by 44-year-old Lo Shuk Fui under her label Crotchet My Hobby. She patiently knits each knot to create bags in different styles including totes, crossbody bags, bucket bags and many more.

The bags are made with Hamanaka brand hand-knitted yarn (from the Eco Andaria series) from Japan.

This environment-friendly yarn is thin, light and has a smooth texture as it is made from wood pulp, whioch is normally used for paper. This makes each bag soft, flexible and light to carry.

Stylish and simple

Gone are the days when crochet bags only came in oversized and undesirable shapes, which were largely only suitable to bring to the beach. Now, modern crocheters have breathed new life into these bags by upgrading them to suit today’s urban and trendy consumer.

“My bags have a basic and simple design, and are lightweight and versatile for daily wear and all other occasions,” said Lo.

While the designs are fashionable and chic, the colours are also attractive. Her bags come in a selection of pretty colours along with handcrafted leather straps, and are tanned with natural vegetable dye, locally.

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