Siyaram”s, a textile brand in men”s fashion, on Thursday launched its anti-corona range of fabric, tested by WHO (World Health Organisation) approved labs, to fight against the spread of pandemic.

The new anti-corona fabric provides a protection from the virus and is developed in association with HeatlhGuard, a global leader in non-invasive healthcare for 25 years dedicated to research and development of safe and innovative biotech solutions, the company said in a statement.

The new fabric guarantees 99.94 per cent effectiveness against coronavirus and has non-leaching properties compared to other metal based chemistry products, making the treated layer of fabric to not dissolve in water, it added

“We have launched our range of anti-corona fabric after conducting proper research and collecting data by testing the fabric at WHO certified and government approved Indian laboratory, reputed Australian laboratory using internationally accepted protocols. The tests conducted on the treated fabric establishes that it comprises anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and is also effective against corona viruses, by reducing the infectious viral load on the treated fabric. The ‘anti-corona fabric’ is made after treatment with technology from Australia’s HealthGuard Corporation Pty Ltd by applying HealthGuard AMIC which has proven effective against bacteria and viruses including the novel SARS-CoV2. It stops virus transmission through treated fabric to any surface,” , Vice President- Sales and Marketing,  said.

“Siyaram’s has always believed in serving the Indian society by providing innovative products with complete dedication and honesty. As the world fights against an unusual situation, we hope that we play our part in overcoming these tough times with the best of our abilities,” he added.