Pink was Masculine & favoured by Boys

Men were known to wear pink silk suits back in the 18th century that consisted all of the floral embroideries. Those outfits were taken out to be manly back at that time. It was considered a “warlike color”since it was a “ miniature part of red.” As the society got lost, the way of thinking as well as the fashion got changed.

The early 1900s showed up the very first pink dress shirt that was designed by Brooks Brothers become a hit. It was initially meant to target female students but it was attracted more with college men. The so-called Ivy- League look did make its way

“Pink”for girls and “Blue”for boys:

Pink and blue weren’t originally gender-specific colors. They were often used together for infants’ clothes and accessories (pink meant rosy cheeks and youth) until in the 60s and 70s the factory owners got selfishly greedy.

Parents started to know a child’s sex from an earlier age. So companies capitalized on this and introduced gender-specific clothing.

This meant that parents could no longer put on a baby girl’s clothes to a baby boy and vice versa. So the tradition of “pink is for girls” and “blue is for boys” started.

But the main thing to focus on is that you’re not a young boy anymore. You’ve outgrown those blue pajamas and other boys’ clothes. You can wear what any guy wears… in any color that works. Who says pink isn’t allowed when there are pink shirts, trousers and ties for adult men? It was a myth all along that was driven by capitalism.

First thing that gets noticed by the opposite sex

We all know that almost every women out there is obsessed with pink. It appears they’ve always loved it even when it was considered masculine. But do you know what the actual reason is?

Research reveals that the “pinkifcation” of girls’ clothing and toys might’ve been caused by natural partiality. Among people who like the color blue, women lean towards reddish-purple hues of blue while men prefer greenish-yellow ones.

The theory behind this difference is our evolutionary “division of labor.” In our past, men were hunters while women gathered and so picking red fruit from green leafy areas was women’s strength. And that connects to their love for pink.

What do the men indicate by this?

Well society may have evolved but biologically it’s till the same.

WOMEN ACTUALLY LIKE SEEING MEN IN PINK (trust me even I do)– some even say they are fond of them! And the reason is simply because they’re allures to pink. So forget all that pink-is-girly nonsense. Pink gets you the ladies. Maybe or maybe not (haha)

Coral Pink

Coral pink is a variant of orange and is representative of the shades found in cnidarians, which are more commonly known as precious corals. coral pink is composed of various hues although it’s a natural color.

To create a more sophisticated atmosphere, offset your coral pieces with walls of navy blue and metallic fixtures. All metals work well with coral, so don’t be hesitant to use gold, silver, bronze, or brush nickel. Try using coral pink with navy and white for a more subdued appearance.

Coral pink doesn’t always have to be so feminine. When you use the hue in the right amount in a room with mostly grays and whites; teal and ivory; or cognac, slate, and taupe, you can create a look that any person would be happy to relax in. When used sparingly, coral pink can create just the right amount of visual drama without being intolerable.

Coral Pink in the runway shows: Menswear

Joan Pimenta Fall-Winter 2017 – Sao Paulo Fashion Week
Alexander McQueen Spring Summer’19
Emporio Armani runway show
Kenzo Spring Summer collection 2020

The spring/summer 2020 menswear shows finished up recently and the ending has never been so easily drawn. Pink! Pink is the colour of the menswear season.

When the most powerful fashion houses: Dior Men, Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Berluti has concurred that pink is the colour to christen the 2020s, you can’t help but sit back and take note.

What’s more, it had nothing to do with emulating femininity.

‘There was an abundance of pink across the SS20 menswear shows in various shades and patterns from bright to pale pink, tie-dye and floral,’ said Olie Arnold, Style Director at Mr Porter.

From Prada’s pastel sportswear in Shanghai to Givenchy’s streetwear update in Florence and Hermès’ modern answer to workwear in Paris, everything was actually surrounded by PINK. It could actually stand out in the crowd.

Prada Sping Summer’2020

This pink moment was forecast and it comes as no surprise that the designers at the forefront of men’s fashion paid attention to the Pantone Color Institute’s predictions.

The colour trend forecasting agency, associated with colour swatch agency Pantone, selected Living Coral as their Colour of the Year for 2019.

“Colour is an equalising lens through which we experience our natural and digital realities and this is particularly true for Living Coral,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

If Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton’s menswear artistic director, one of the most influential fashion designers working today, sends a pink suit down the runway, you can wage a bet that his legions of followers will incorporate pink into their wardrobes somehow.

Coral pink Hairstyles

Cut your hair, dye your hair, give yourself bangs, or don’t. Let your beard grow really, really long, so long that people ASK IF YOURE OKAY. Or learn how to give yourself subtle trims that will impress OTHERS. The point is that there are bigger things to worry about than your physical appearance right now, and sometimes these small stuffs is the best way to waste a couple of hours alone at home.

“Hair is a big part of our personalities for a lot of us, especially MEN. They express themselves and the changes we go through via our hairstyles. And right now, there’s nothing to do. You can’t go anywhere, neither work nor do anything. So you’re like, ‘Well, you have hair and could color it. That will make you feel something’.

Well, instead of dyeing the same blonde and browns, try out some exciting bright yet cute colours like coral pink, its so much in trend right now that you’d not want to miss it at all.

                                                     Zayn Malik

Coral pink Formal Menswear

Cotton twill coral pink formal half-shirt
Coral pink tuxedo

Just wear a slim-fit pink shirt with dark or neutral trousers, a good pair of formal shoes and a belt if you happen to attend some business event.

A formal coral pink blazer
                              Harry Styles in a light Coral pink blazer

Coral Pink Casual Menswear

  • Choose shades of pink that will actually complement your skin tone. For example fair people can opt for darker shades and tan skin can opt for brighter or pastels.
  • Just pair a coral pink shirt with dark jeans or pastel trousers or shorts and desert boots or sneakers or floaters and it’s done.
Cotton twill over-shirt
Tommy Bahama Boracay Shorts
Pepe Jeans casual fit shirt

Coral Pink Beachwear

Corals and pastels can really be a good option when it comes to beachwear. Thats probably because of the neutrality of the color which almost camouflages with that of the sand. Plus guys, you’d actually stand out in the crowd cuz usually most of them don’t prefer. so ALL THE DESIRED ATTENTION from the girls might come up to you ( which can be a good thing haha).

Hornbill print coral pink shorts
Striped boxers

Coral pink Indian Menswear

Instead of the common bright pallete, people have started the mystical and dreamy coral palette for the festive season this year. Coral pink ethnics have a way of standing out in a crowd of loud Indian attires. They look absolutely elegant and nowadays we see a lot of weddings shifting from red to pinks.

Coral pink pathani suit
Coral pink Indian kurta
Coral pink Sherwani suit in a runway show

Coral pink Menswear Accessories

Men can style many outfits with coral pink accessories right from the formals to beachwear. For example, ties, bowties, shades etc.

Bow tie
Coral Pink round shades
TWINZZ Coral Pink Mesh Tucker Cap

Coral Pink as Men’s Footwear

Coral pink slippers

Men are starting to wear pink sneakers these days, and they are feeling more comfortable with themselves, as they draw attention to the outfit as a whole. Guys have gradually started to change their mindset and work on moving on with much better colors, one of them being this one.

Adidas Originals Coral Pink Stan Smith Sneakers
Adidas Alpha Bounce Beyond HPC AMS3M”Triple White” AC8274

For the guys wondering what to wear with these Coral pink footwear, pair it with pastel shades or match coral with either pink or orange as its base tints. As for basics, white looks firm with coral and pink while grey offers a softer alternative to standard black.

Met Gala in Coral Pink!

The Met Gala 2019 said it all: Billy Porter arriving as a modern-day Egyptian sun god which actually made wearing shades pink look like a simple task (included coral pink too)

Billy Porter
Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy showed us all exactly how gleefully worn the sinful looking pearl-encrusted cape, which was 100 lbs of pure beauty.

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