Stripes are a classic and will be in fashion in 2020 too. So for your formal wear,
1. Pick a faded denim tuxedo with white stripes
2. Wear it over a white cuban collar shirt
3. Add aviators and a watch
4. Complete the look with white shoes.
Additional tips:
You can style this outfit in a couple of ways and can play with different sizes too.
– Put on a white cuban clear shirt ( make sure it’s not too tight ). Tuck it inside a loose high waisted pants. Keep the accessories same as above and wear sneakers with it to complete the look.
– If you’re going for Faded Denim tux ( Pantone 17-4201 ) , make sure you pair it up with white colored shirt.
– If you’re going for Royal Blue tux ( Pantone 293C ), Pair it up with black colored shirt.
– You can even go for a monotone look. For eg- If you’re going for a black tux, just wear it over a black turtleneck shirt, black aviators , watch and finally black shoes. You can similarly play with the color of your choice.
– By Vasavi Mehta