Retaissance, a new B2B fashion platform for independent brands and buyers, has partnered with Enterprise Europe Network to launch its first ‘meet the buyer’ event, called Retaissance Live, on 3 and 4 November.

The company has said a number of “key industry figures, thought leaders and buyers from prestigious brands” have already confirmed attendance to the event, full details of which will be released in the coming weeks.

Retaissance entered into its ‘soft launch’ stage last month and has now fully launched with both brands and buyers able to register and begin connecting with each other.

The platform allows brands to showcase themselves through creating online profiles which buyers can browse. Buyers can then build a portfolio of products based on preferences such as stock availability, product categories, lead times, price-points, features, and sustainability and ethical credentials.

“We’re thrilled with the support we’ve had so far from brands, buyers and industry associations alike and we can’t wait to start really growing our community,” Cathie Osborne, founder and owner of Retaissance, said in a statement. “A number of our brands already have some fantastic showcases live and we’re expecting many more to be prepared over the coming weeks.

“Now is a brilliant time to join Retaissance – we want to work closely with our early adopters to tailor our site to their needs, offer real value for money and a continually improving experience for both brands and buyers. The upcoming event with the Enterprise Europe Network will be the first of many exciting opportunities we have planned for our customers.”

Rodolphe Soulard of the Enterprise Europe Network said, “We are excited about working with Retaissance and helping their disruptive retail concept reach new markets internationally.

“This event will enable innovative UK and European brands to connect directly with buyers, access new markets and help retailers access disruptive technologies to increase their productivity. Innovative SMEs and retailers need to adapt to new customer’s behaviour post-Covid-19 to sustain and grow their business in the UK and Europe.”