Recent fashion trends in Corona
The coronavirus crisis has upended just about every part of daily life. The COVID-19 pandemic has been truly a “black swan” event all across the globe and ushered in major changes to different aspects of life. While some of these changes may or may not be permanent, certain tectonic shifts in industries like fashion are inevitable. If ever there was a time for fashion to reinvent itself, it is now.
But with the help of online shopping, people have adapted to new styles.
Here are the current fashion trends of the COVID-19 era.

1.Comfortable clothes on top of everyone’s list
Since the need to dress up properly has fairly diminished since the beginning of the pandemic, comfort is the priority for all.

Sweats, tights, and comfy crop tops are the new normal. The glorious athleisure for workouts is now our work outfit, market fashion, and even sleepwear.
Plus, people are experimenting with different styles and prints to rock this hybrid-clothing trend at home.

2.Eye makeup beats lip makeup
Since COVID-19 began, our makeup routine has taken a backseat.
The only time people prefer putting it on is either during work video calls or for the little time we spend outside.
Since, masks are essential, applying lipstick makes no sense.
But doing your eye makeup creatively can bring life to your half-hidden face.
Interestingly, sales of eye products have also shot up recently.

3.Goodbye, high heels and stiff dress shoes
Sales of high heels, loafers and other dress shoes have been tumbling for years, and analysts say the pandemic has
turbocharged their demise. Sales of men’s and women’s dress shoes plunged 70 percent in March and April, according to NPD.“High heels are way down,” said Beth Goldstein, a footwear analyst for NPD.
“The question now is whether they’ll ever rebound. Of course, some women out there are dying to put their heels back on. But I think most of them are saying, ‘I’m never going to wear those shoes again.’
That trend is likely to continue even as Americans return to work. Shoe manufacturers, she said, are busy creating designs with wider and thicker heels, padded insoles and other athletic touches to add stability and comfort. Sales of stiletto-shaped heels, she said, dropped 11 percent last year.

4.Creative face masks: Giving a spin to a necessity
Gone are the days when we used to freak out about peel-off or charcoal face masks.
Vanity was taken over by safety as protective face masks became a necessity.
But, creative spins to these masks have increased.
DIY and designer masks of different materials, filled with quirky patterns, floral embroidery, prints, and colors are the latest addition to the fashion accessories of 2020.

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