Raymond UCO, India’s leading denim company, has launched a highly protective denim fabric range which boasts of sustainable, antiviral and antimicrobial technology that has been tested and proven effective to destroy 99.99 per cent viruses. The company has also unveiled its signature functional denim range SHIELD.

The fabric has been launched in partnership with Swiss textile innovator HeiQ.

Offering a wide range of denim fabrics that aim to fight viruses and bacteria, SHIELD collection is a compelling innovation in the area of personal health and hygiene.

This innovative denim range also features fabric powered by HeiQ Viroblock technology which has been tested effective against many viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV-2, H1N1, H5N1, H7N9, H3N2 and sendai virus, all with an effectiveness above 99.99 per cent.

Arvind Mathur, CEO, Raymond UCO Denim, said “SHIELD is a versatile range of ‘fashion with function’ denim fabrics that aims to offer end-consumers best-in-class antimicrobial and anti-viral denims.”

He added “In these tough times, apparels for everyday use that protects users from viruses and bacteria have become vital. It is in this context, we have developed environment-friendly, anti-viral denim fabrics with our innovation partner HeiQ that will enable us to not only excite fashion lovers, but also assure the end consumers with ultimate clothing solutions for health and hygiene.”

“We are very grateful to see how the entire textile industry is working hard to adapt the world’s best antiviral textile technology into not only face masks and PPEs, but also daily clothing like denim. Consumers want to feel protected and to have to worry about touching the clothes on their own body is the last thing anyone wants! I am sure the SHIELD collection, powered by HeiQ Viroblock will contribute to resuming our normal lives earlier and with much higher confidence,” stated Carlo Centonze, Co-founder and CEO of HeiQ Group.