This look is nothing less than perfection. The pastel hues come in so well with the neutral ones that we can’t help but adore how everything comes out together. Grassroots by Anita Dongre is born to revive, sustain and empower India’s crafts and artisans. This is a very important matter in today’s time and it’s very commendable of the designer to have taken an initiative to revive our losing traditional art and craft. The horizontal stripes are very well styled with the vertical stripes and the neck accessory is just like a cherry on the top. The use of Pastel pink and Grey brings out the breezy and cool texture of the outfit. This outfit is the epitome of comfortable fashion. The prints and the colours show themselves and don’t try to steal the light from one another. The makeup is refreshing with the pink eyes and nude lips. The rose cheeks complete the look. The hair is left to breathe and fly in the air – @thatbohogirl.


  • PANTONE 4032 C
  • PANTONE 183 C
  • PANTONE 708 C

The mood created by – @sukanya_kandarkar