The classic white shirt is one of the most versatile pieces that I would prefer EVERY woman should own, be it the actual size or an oversize; both would work. It can be styled in infinite ways.. down for days, up for nights and in between you can imagine yeah!! 

Talking about it’s origin, the classic white shirt has long been an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe, signifying her social class and wealth since the 19th century. While working-class members of society could not afford to have their clothes washed very often, they didn’t have the privilege to wear and maintain the proper WHITE color of the shirt.

The white color symbolises a sense of balance, wholeness and completion.

Shhh!! Actually I had to steal one from my mom’s wardrobe cuz I realised mine is resting in peace at my pg. Probably she’s still left in the dark hehe but it’s okay unless I ruin it completely yk. So I styled three looks that I felt can be worn by my girls without giving a second thought about the society with proper details and WHYYY’s ( it’s so true that being a girl is so much more difficult, we actually have to think 10x times more than guys do, okay so a lot of you would be able to relate what I mean).


A V-neck elongates the length of the neck. Also, it narrows the width of the shoulder line by accentuating vertical integrity. 

I wanted to create an Indo-western fusion look with a classic white shirt and an already modern combination of a pallazo with a saree draped in a new way.

Procedure to wear: Put on the shirt like you normally do but while buttoning-up leave atleast 2-3 buttons according to your comfort of exposure and put the collars inwards so that its not visible from the back. It gives a really decent feel with minimal body exposure and can be paired with good accessories and heels to accentuate the fusional look.

Following is the list of everything that I used to create this look:

Statement earrings – Zaveri Pearls

Neck piece- Ivory Tag

Chikankari Pallazo- Gifted by mom

Floral Saree- A Local shop of Kathmandu

Pointed toe heels- Mast & Harbour 


A monochromatic outfit means an outfit that is made up of a single color. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that the outfit has to be one solid color, it can be made up of different shades and tints of a single hue as well. The clue here is to pick a color that matches your personal color harmony (it’s never a good idea to wear a monochromatic outfit in an unflattering color). And classic white color is something which is universally accepted in general irrespective of one’s racial features. There are different contrast levels with which you can style it up,so you can match the contrast level of your outfit to your own for the most harmonious look.

I chose a medium to high contrast level which means a WHITE-GREY-BLACK combination.

Procedure to wear: This is one of the really comfortable looks of all. You just have to wear the normal button up shirt in a backward way ie the buttons should be tucked up at your back. Put the collar inside symmetrically with your fingers which gives a high neckline to your outfit. You can pair it up with your favourite denim or long skirt or minis WHATEVER YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH. Even accessories can play a vital role in changing the whole look of the outfit. 

Following is the list of this summer-o- chromatic look of mine:

White cap- Adidas 

Clout shades- Shein 

Dark coffee brown thick belt- Hand-made by my friend 

Grey leopard knee length socks- Reused my sister’s 5 year old stockings 

Sneakers- FILA

I guess now you are able to actually notice that I have worn the classic shirt the other way round. It’s always fun to play around with outfits and most of the people wouldn’t observe unless YOU TELL THEM.


In the 70’s and 80’s fashion was set out in social life, with the white shirt being worn under all other garments, with only the collar and the cuffs visible from the outside. I tried recreating one of those looks with all that I actually had in my wardrobe (that consists of just 1/4th of all I own. I mean its due to the lockdown as I left most of my outfits in Kolkata). 

Procedure to wear: This is one of the most subtle and simple look that I really love. Here, the classic shirt has been worn with a cute halter knitted crop top underneath it. Now this can also be worn in many ways, cuz it depends on the mood of the individual of how to carry the outfit according to the occasion. For example, if you want to take it in a formal getup, just put the shirt from the bottom inside the pant and let the sleeves cover all of your hands. A holiday trip look would look somewhat different. Just let the remaining shirt free from below and it’s completely your choice when it comes to the sleeves. Add a good pair of sneakers or heels according to your wish. ( BE INDEPENDENT BABIES, just wear it if your heart SAYS IT).

This outfit is remarkable because it lengthens the legs, giving the illusion of being taller than I actually am. (well I’m 5’4 haha!)

To create this comprehensive look, following is the list of how I had set up:

Floral ribbon( giving an illusion of a long scrunchie)- A dress from Sassafras

Nude-pink knitted top- A local shop of Shillong

Bag- Gifted by my friend, it’s from Accessorize

Olive-brown jeggings- LEWIS’

Printed pointed-toe block heels- Mast & Harbour

I hope y’ll liked it. Don’t forget to like, comment and share it w your friends to increase our fam. LOTS OF LOVE X MUKTA

IN FRAME: Mukta Sharma

STYLED BY: Mukta Sharma


About me: Hey everyone! I’m Mukta Sharma, a to-be second year student currently pursuing my Bachelors in Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata. I am basically from Guwahati, Assam and currently residing in Madhya Pradesh. I’m glad to be a part of the TVC as an intern.