Last Friday, more than 100 Egyptian brands showcasing locally produced goods took part in the LA Market show, motivated by the desire to promote local industry and especially modest fashion.


The festival, which took place at the Park Mall in New Cairo, brought together Egyptian designers of modest clothing and apparel, as well as designers of handmade accessories, to help them market their products and gain attention.


Lydia Akram Galal, owner and founder of LA Market, said, “In the modest clothing industry, my reason is to help more Egyptian brands.” She also said that the invasion of foreign brands continues to impede the market penetration of local designers, especially as most of these local designers are self-funded.


In order to help more “Made in Egypt” brands gain visibility and become better known, Galal added that the event will be held many times during the year, especially in the summer and winter seasons.

“We also we utilise social media and other digital tools to promote the local products,” Galal said, “My hope is to take part in more partnerships that allow us know more local brands in different sectors, not only in modest wear and handmade accessories, to get the exposure from the market.”


With the precautionary steps put in place for the recently eased novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the show drew about 3,000 people. Precautionary steps, such as grooming and wearing facial masks, were also in place at the time of the event.
SOURCE: SalaamGateway