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Moschino’s S/S 2021 features tiny marionettes instead of models!

Published: September 26, 2020
Author: SaachiBhatia

Rather than having actual human models walk the catwalk, this year the collection was modelled by puppets. Made by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, the marionettes were miniature just like the clothes they wore, in what a press release described as ‘a Moschino wink-and-nod to the fact that in order to begin anew, you have to start small.’ In perhaps the most Covid-safe move possible, the audience were also puppets, complete with with a marionette version of Anna Wintour in the front row.

Moschino shared videos of the meticulously designed show and its highlights, which shows the puppets ‘walking’ through the classic salon-style miniature fashion event. Describing the show, Moschino’s Creative Director Jeremy Scott said: ‘As the world seems to be splitting along the seams, the bare inner workings of something new will be exposed.’

When it comes to the finer points of the design of the clothes, a statement from Moschino says the ‘topsy-turvy’ nature of 2020 has provided the opportunity to rewrite the rulebook. It reads: ‘Edges, seams, corsetry boning, panels, darts, trims and more are shown on garments’ outsides. Pant pockets flap freely, almost as petal-esque drapes.

‘A zipper on a halter dress is inverted, ending in a golden jacquard trim sewn on backwards. Dresses are carefully crafted inversely, while tulle under-skirts extend beyond hemlines, creating unconventional proportions and silhouettes.’ It goes on: ‘We won’t call it a fresh start so much as it is a new start. Inner-workings are being laid bare; how these mechanics exist and evolve will change.’


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