Monrow shoes, a home grown conscious women’s footwear label, unveils their latest Y2K collection. The Y2K Fashion trends have ruled the global market during the 90s and 2000s, and have again become a mainstream trend just two short decades later. Monrow’s Y2K amalgamation perfectly features chunky styles and pop colours that are sure to provide fashion along with utmost comfort.

Inspired by the highly celebrated street fashion trend, Monrow Shoes launches a Y2K collection designed by the Founder & CEO of Monrow Shoes- Veena Ashiya. After the successful launch of Limited Edition by Vee and the most unique SARI collection, Monrow Shoes paves the path in the premium footwear market with its latest offering – Y2K Collection.

A series of Monrow’s Y2K collection is boldly comfortable featuring high-quality embellishments like pearls, shimmery straps, transparent straps, and chunky styles, with a variety of colour options from Pop pink, black, transparent that are extremely trending currently. The insole is cushioned to make the footwear even more comfortable.

The Y2K range has been crafted with love from Vegan materials like bamboo mesh and banana weave fabrics, and breathable flyknit With the addition of fashion trends and modern materials, it is more suitable for the millennials and the GenZ of today.