Monotone fashion made it to the right side of the hit list in 2019 and 2020 proves to be no different. So here’s all the reason you need to rock the trend. Matching your tops to your bottoms may seem dated, but fashion enthusiast world over have found new ways to slay the trend.

Monotone ensembles have taken over the fashion week’s world over. Moving away from the idea of mixing and matching, wearing outfits in the same colour tone has reigned supreme in 2019. From Celine Dion to Blake Lively to the Kardashians, and Deepika Padukone to Kareena Kapoor Khan, celebrities across the globe have joined in on the trend.

What is Monotone fashion?

Monotone fashion is all about wearing the same colour tone head to toe. But monotone dressing can be tricky, play it safe by opting for an all white or all black ensemble. If you like to be bold and daring opt for a striking red or royal blue pantsuit.

  1. Turquoise!

No words can be enough to explain Celine Dion’s dressing sense. She’s stealing the spotlight worldwide with her sartorial choices and this look proves the same. Moving away from neutral tones, Dion picks out a bold & vibrant hue. To break the monotony she chooses a dark hue of the same tone to amp up the drama.

  1. All White is the New White!

The safest bet for those who tend to abstain from trying out new trends. White is the lightest color and is achromatic (having no hue). White on white is the way to go! Because you could never really go that fundamentally wrong with white. One can make a monotone white look fun and flirty, while also sexy!

An all-white ensemble is not only a wardrobe MVP but is also a fail proof way to slay the monotone trend. Play around with fashion accessories to add a different accent.

  1. Earthy Tones

Earth tone is a color scheme with multiple meanings. In its narrowest sense, it refers to “any color containing some brown” – the color of ground or soil (earth). It can also refer to “natural colors” (colors found in nature) such as brown soil, green leaf, cloudy sky, as well as the red sun. These palettes can create a warm, nature-friendly atmosphere.

More generally, it refers to “neutral colors”, which are muted and flat in an emulation of natural colors. Neutral colors can be created by mixing two complementary colors or combining a pure color with white, black, or gray. Pure-neutral colors include black, white, and all grays, while near-neutral hues include browns, tan, and darker colors.

Many earth tones originate from clay earth pigments, such as umber, ochre, and sienna

Taking it a notch further but still playing it safe? Say hello to the colour nude. If you’re looking for monotone dressing pull out your nude colour separtes and get heads turning.

  1. Candy Crush!

Pastel tones are undoubtedly the hottest colour trend. Pink, lilac, light blue and mint green are just some of the colours that are able to make any clothing item or accessory more delicate. With summers swaying designers and exporters have witnessed an influx of softer hues as a major colour input.

Blush and many soft shades of ice pastels have entered the domain. Keep it summery and super fresh as you opt for a powder pink pantsuit. Sure enough to deliver boss babes vibes while looking extremely fashion forward. Style the pant suit with a lighter hue tee for the best look.

  1. D for Denim!

From the place of normal clothing, denim has risen to be a fashion icon and is being adorned by fashion models. It has now become a symbol of modeling and modern culture. The metamorphosis of jeans from a commodity to a fashion item happened during the 90s; when jeans evaluated into a number of various other items such as jackets, shorts, skirts etc apart from the normal pants.

Earlier different models like hippie bellbottoms, and tapered legs, were popular. Current trend is all about variety and views denim as an item with bold styles to keep pace with the fast track life style. Denim on denim might be so 2000’s but fashion enthusiast all over the world have brought this back in trend. Quirk things up as you opt for a washed denim monotone look. A playful skater skirt and a hoodie are the perfect separates for a youthful look.

  1. Vision in Brown

Brown is a composite color. In the CMYK color model used in printing or painting, brown is made by combining red, black, and yellow, or red, yellow, and blue. In the RGB color model used to project colors onto television screens and computer monitors, brown is made by combining red and green, in specific proportions. Brown makes for a great winter and autumn colour. Style your look with matching colour boots and a handbag for a stellar look!

  1. Bold colours

Starting to feel confident about the monotone fashion trend? Let’s experiment with colours! We don’t even have to give you a colour palette here, to try out, because you’re free to pick your favourites. Just remember to mix hues so you don’t end up with a set of matching co-ordinates. Nothing’s stopping you from going bolder on the colours.

If earlier you started with pastels for the day and subtly paired them with matching accessories to complete the look, now, try switching to brighter colours for the evening. When you’re wearing something bright and bold you’re immediately establishing your presence and indirectly you are conveying the message to everyone that you have a daring, bright and exciting personality.

Bright colours might not be for everyone and also not for everyday… you have to feel the part when you wear them. What I mean is that you need to be in the right mood to pull off that look.

However, even if you are in the mood to be bold and to put yourself out there, it can be quite tricky to pair and accessorise the looks.

  1. All black errythang!

For days when you’ve got nothing exciting to wear but still wish to make a style statement. Or when you’d simply like to channel your inner Morticia Addams, because you can. Black is bae and this monotone statement is here to stay.

Wear your perfect pair of black denims with a matching top and complete your look with a black belt and boots. This look would never disappoint you.

Pulling off a monotone look doesn’t get easier than an all black ensemble. An evergreen look that always leaves you with a stellar look! Experiment with cuts and silhouettes to add a unique touch to your ensemble.

Yes, monotone fashion is all about wearing the same (or similar) colour on the top and bottom, but whoever said you couldn’t add some variety? Experiment with textures and fabrics to add a playful look because that’s what fashion is all about. We are on board with this trend and cannot wait to don it!

Articel by- Sneha Savla