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Published: November 7, 2020
Author: Amit Ratanpara

Metallic trend certainly made an impact with shiny textures and iridescent fabrics. Wearing this metallic combination can add a taste of glamour to your wardrobe without coming off too flashy.

From shiny dresses to lustrous bags and shoes, the metallic trend gives your outfit a shot of glamour, and it is the perfect way to get noticed. On trench coats, across trousers, and even splashed all over bags, metallic hues – more specifically silvers – were everywhere on the SS20 catwalk.



It was pleasant to see a darker metallic be so prominent on the spring runways. Gunmetal silver is another one of the most powerful spring 2018 color trends, and is perfect for fierce eveningwear.

Bright Silver

Brighter silver also figured heavily in the spring/ summer color trends, as the perfect color for a party dress or a skin-tight bodysuit. This shimmery metallic is a happy, energetic choice that is more youthful than other metallics like gold or copper. This color was used for a more sophisticated design with loose pants rolled at the ankle and a matching top with a boxy cut, and for a loose silver top paired with short shorts for that party feel.

Golden Glimmer

This expensive and loud color glimmered over the runways of only the most adventurous labels. Gold is a fun color that cannot be worn ironically – if one commits to this specific metallic, they have to go all out, because here there is no subtlety, only audacity.

But the metallic look has seen its fair share of popularity throughout fashion history.  Always a popular choice for that all-eyes-on-you evening gown. Speaking of possible metallic styles, then you can try on different looks, starting from rock and roll inspired outfits, disco looks, glamour essentials and drama queen designs. Get yourself high and try on one of these looks next week.

Frances Langford in a silver gown. c. 1930s

If you are beginner to this trend, then you should start from a touch of high shine look. Start from shiny cheeks, shiny eyeshadow and sparkling hair. Then you can try on metallic shoes, nail posh, shiny clutches, etc. A shiny metallic clothing piece will underline your individuality. You can go for a metallic top, statement pleated skirt, cropped pants, midi skirt or mini skirt. If you want to underline your sophistication, then you should go wild and try on metallic dress, suit, or even coat. The result is going to be a very strong look that is both dramatic and voguish.




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