Initially women were in friendly relationship with asymmetries but later on men also adapted to this fashion trend. Men’s fashion in India has witnessed a new wave in ‘uneven’. Impelling the limits, especially those that form the edges of the garment. Asymmetry is showing up consistently on runways as well as retail store. The structured military- inspired sherwanis and bandhgalas were highlighted with slanting hem also asymmetrical kurtas with bold colours. Internationally too asymmetry has made inroads in the designer as well as high street collections.

Uneven hemmed jacket

Why asymmetry forms the cut

A exit from the conventional cuts, asymmetry works on camouflaging more than flattering. Asymmetry not only provides an edge but also ‘shifts the interest’ as it highlights the attire. It is a design detail that moves away from the basic, and works to shift the focus. It works well as it has sharper lines which add to the personality. Also, the fact that men didn’t have anything like this earlier, now that they do it’s catching up. Asymmetry’s highlight is its duality. “It can be both drapery and structured which is what makes it look aesthetically better. ”

Flared asymmetric hemline kurta

Cowl neck draped kurtas with uneven hemlines

A solid coloured kurta with cowl neckline looks fresh and fun dress for mens. For more drama opt for a asymmetric hemline for your cowl neck kurta and watch as you grab all attention.


  1. Asymmetry has largely been used in women’s fashion. However, the last few seasons have shown that the look has been worked for men too.
  2. When a man wears asymmetry, it breaks the gender, dilutes it. It is a yin and yang between structure and fluidity.
  3. Asymmetry adds androgyny to the silhoutte and is deconstruction of sorts.
  4. Asymmetry and androgyny have been entwined culturally, only no one credited it as such.
  5. Look at the way tehmat or a dhoti is worn. It has been with us for long.
  6. It’s all asymmetrical, it just becomes a trend when  you notice a lot of people accepting it.
  • Young influencers

Designers find this trend to be egalitarian. They had a heavy dose of asymmetry, with other elements of metallic details, sharp angular cuts and tape details. A heroic re- appropriation of male presence through female form where feminine/ masculine, defend/ protect, hard/ soft is the new brand direction. Young population is adding to the menswear market growth by being more accepting and fluid in fashion.

  • Internet

The menswear market is niche in India. We have 60 percent of our population under the age of 35. Today, a guy is a sculptor, a singer, a dancer, an architect a lot more things than before. One can sit anywhere across the country, and access the internet and when he sees bollywood actors wearing asymmetry, he gets more comfortable with it. This shows that how celebrities influence fashion trends.

cowl asymmetrical hemline

Layered minimal uneven hemline sherwanis

For a high on style, trendy look grooms can try layered kurtas

How to go about the uneven hemline

To bring an element of asymmetry into one’s style doesn’t mean sticking only to unevenly hemmed kurtas or jackets and bandhgalas. Asymmetry can be not-too-overt in techniques like mock layering and glitching. The aim is to not go too hectic. Keep it as one detail in your collection.

  • Tips:
  1. One tip is to mix asymmetrical hems with mock layering.
  2. Another tip is to keep the minimalism of the style intact.
  3. One thing to keep in mind is don’t do too much mix and match of fabric. Keep it clean and simple yet elegant.
  4. Colourwise as well, keep your look tonal. This are the tips how this trend/ hem stands out.
  5. This style is recommended for bigger/ broader, buffier men. It gives a slimming effect.
  6. The not-so-courageous can be initiated into the style using one garment at a time.
  7. There are asymmetric stoles, bibs and kediuu shirts.
  8. The trend can work on every kind of shape but it depends on what colours you use.
  9. Use dark colours for bigger shapes and light colours for smaller. Also the weight and the fluidity of the fabric is an salient feature too.

Kurta with attached stoles

Modern kurtas come with attached allowing you to dance on your special day in total comfort without compromising on style

Fashion trend or more?

Celebrities with both bizarre and safe fashion choices can be seen experimenting with asymmetrical hems. Even for the designers the trend can go wrong if not put together sensibly. The urge to look different has set in motion a very dangerous trend. It can both risk celebrity leadership of a fashion icon or enhance the same depending on how one sees it. A personality playing with a classic design like a straight kurta in any way can be read positively or negatively. It depends on how it is presented and put together by the individual.

Article by- Sneha Savla