A celebrity and style-set favorite, gold medallion necklaces are a simple and beautiful way to wear a piece of jewelry with inherent meaning. There’s no pythagorean theory for the perfect number of gold coins or medallions on a necklace, or for how many such necklaces to wear at once, or keep in your jewelry box. The key is that they work well with almost every outfit — a bikini, a t-shirt, or a sweet dress, just like Gwyneth Paltrow has shown.

Historically, the greco-romans wore medallion necklaces as a status symbol, often with gold coins as the pendant to showcase their wealth. Gold coins are still used in many a necklace but, as the medallions have evolved, the prevailing circular disc pendant is now the canvas for a more nuanced status symbol. It can show a horoscope, your wedding date, your family’s initials, a memento from the past, a hope for the future, really anything you want. 

And, as jewelry goes, the want for personal stories embedded in it continues to increase. Jewelry designer Beth Bugdaycay of Foundrae, a brand that specializes in medallions, sees it this way: “I really believe that each symbol leads to a bit more of an unfolding, to really get to who we are, or who we are capable of being.”

Single and Statement

A bold singular medallion on a chain is an impactful and digestible way to embrace this style of necklace be it with something personal, like your child’s birthstone, or a piece that’s more symbolic like an evil eye.


Layering medallions on one necklace is a wonderful way to build a jewelry story and often the more is more approach works here.


Let the world know your star sign by wearing it prominently, either through its symbol or constellation.

Stone Medallions

Though gold and silver are more traditional for medallions, they are just as beautiful in jade, moonstone, and every stone in between.