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Masks- A Compulsion to a Trend

Published: October 26, 2020
Author: sharmammahima

We were forced to protect ourselves when the entire mankind was struck with the pandemic. We were asked to wear masks to prevent ourselves from coming into contact with the virus. Masks have become one of the key essentials before stepping out of the house. Just the way how you slip on your shoes before leaving the house, you cover your face with a mask. As time is passing by along the deadly virus, masks being a necessity has taken up the path to luxury.

Nowadays, masks have become a trend followed a compulsion. To protect ourselves from the current spread of the coronavirus, face masks have become a crucial part of our lifestyle. Masks should have come into a trend way before we struck this pandemic. As they prevent the wearer from inhaling pathogens and dangerous aerosols like specks of dust, gas, smokes, etc.


Recommended masks by WHO should have at least three layers. The outermost layer is hydrophobic in nature and it does not allow any pathogens to enter. The layer in between acts as a filter. And the innermost layer is made breath-able so that the wearer doesn’t suffocate and is hydrophilic in nature. The masks that have received a thumbs up from WHO were the surgical masks, fabric masks, respiratory masks, and N95 masks.


It is really hard to believe that almost half a year is over and we are still coping with the effects of the pandemic. Exhausted from the lockdown period, the new routine of everybody’s life masks has taken a new aspect. Towards opulence, because of which people are buying masks more than the need for an hour.

For the most part, we all now have to wear masks when we head outside, and it is not really surprising that fashion has noticed this as an opportunity. Just like sunglasses, gloves, and hats evolved from protection from the sun to the fashion accessory. Masks have born out of necessity and care for people.

Influence of Social Media

To fight the pandemic, celebrities and various influencers have collaborated together through social media campaigns. Encouraging a huge audience to protect themselves through the use of masks. Many designers and brands are now producing modified and matching masks with the outfits. Due to this, many people have started selecting and buying masks on basis of colors, patterns, designs, etc. Masks are also available
in ranging categories of designer masks, couple masks, bridal masks, kids’ masks, calligraphic masks, etc.

woman in teal long sleeve shirt carrying girl in pink and white floral hijab

Effect on the Environment

white plastic pack on brown soil

As far as the masks being a fashion statement are considered, they also hurt nature in a way or the other. With the spike in usage of the masks came along the trouble of disposing of them. The shores of the oceans are filled with piles of used masks. Birds are feeding on unhealthy masks and are affecting them. The strings of the masks get strangled in the feet of the bird that makes them to impotent leading to swelling of feet. Improper disposing of the masks have become a threat to water bodies, birds, and animals.

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