From circular fashion choices to the screen-made tones of AI Aqua, the  five trends  for 2021 are moulded by key drivers for future: the pressing requirement for sustainable products; the physical impact of customers’ digital choices; and the expanding interest for clothing pieces  that offer worth by means of adaptability.


Mycelium is the material and ingredient trend for 2021 and beyond that. Mushrooms are the flora of mycelium, an underground organization key to regenerative agriculture and carbon retention. We are as of now observing mushrooms turning into a significant fixing in beauty items, food and drink, and even dried and reconstituted as eco-friendly packaging. In design, mycelium leather is beginning to be utilized as a material on purses, shoes and little adornments. It is expected to move past the pilot item stage and scale since brands, for example, adidas, Stella McCartney, Lululemon and Kering have all put resources into the mycelium-based biomaterial Mylo– each brand consenting to invest seven-figure amount to scale-up production and create a supply network for this leather alternate.


Here is the development of wearable tech, consolidating wellness and personalisation. Sports clothing and footwear are incorporating sensors that screen your body and monitor you progressively. Think pocket fitness coach, yet inside your shoes or coating your Lycra.

Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA are inserting sensors into clothing to screen vital signs – this wearable technology is set to disturb the sports apparel or activewear market. There are as of now, pioneers, for example, Nurvv Run, which offers tennis sneaker insoles joining sensors to analyse your running technique, in addition to the remote yoga educator business Yoganotch, whose on-body sensors sit close to the skin and give real-time input on the nature of the clients’ stance.

Expect these tech activewear elements to begin to shape what exercise gear resembles, as designer start to deliberately put patterns into pieces of clothing, for instance, to enable direct access to the right parts of our bodies to assist us with accomplishing the ideal poses.


We have known about the circular economy, where assets are reused ceaselessly without wastes.

Adidas is testing the Ultraboost DNA Loop – a shoe that can be reused toward the finish of its life and changed into another shoe – with a view to a 2021 more extensive item dispatch. More modest running expert brands, for example, On Running are dispatching membership running shoe administrations to begin the move to a closed circle enrolment framework, while French brand Salomon has made nearby collection points for its first completely recyclable running shoe, the Index.01 (the shoes will be washed and dismantled there so the materials can be reused locally into new materials or  synthetic pellets to make other  footwear, for example, ski boots).

Brands and designers are launching programs wherein, they are collecting the garments back in exchange of a minimum discount, thus encouraging and enlightening consumers about the circular fashion concept.  2021 will see us getting a move on towards a more sustainable economy.

” Waste isn’t waste until we waste it “.



The transition to modular designs and plan thinking in fashion is introducing another period of attachable and detachable components to clothing, footwear and accessories, regardless of whether it is an enriching neckline or a three-in-one puffa jacket.

This pattern is proclaiming better approaches for purchasing and incorporating a value into products, here and there essentially refreshing or reviving them, at different occasions by adding elements to articles of clothing or things to cross seasons or to give usefulness. Driven by the need to show such esteem and life span, as we hope to purchase less and purchase better, the utility component of this attachable and detachable design is summarized with the attachment of straightforward clasp gadgets, for example, the rock climbers’ carabiner clip for adding little, on the go accessories and elements, and the sophisticated straightforwardness of earrings intended to clip airpods safely in one’s ear.


It is maybe nothing unexpected that our Colour of the Year is carefully amicable. Back in March 2019,  it was predicted that A.I. Aqua  would have key significance in 2021. It can look at the same time energetic and pattern forward, making it appropriate for design and sports clothing, but at the same time is a new interpretation of blue that is reasonable for insides and tech items.

A new overview of the tones utilized on the world’s greatest sites discovered blue handily exceeded others, and shades of blue, which are utilized conspicuously in tech, are set to turn out to be more vivid and significant.

In an advanced age when we are ready to minister our characters and our online personas are as significant as our disconnected ones (if not more so), we anticipate that this tint should reverberate comprehensively with shoppers and have solid allure across all plan classifications and socio-economics.


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Prachi Gehlot – Trainee at Textile value chain