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Living in Greys

Published: June 17, 2020
Author: Mangeshkanwate
Formal wear should be all about minimalism and personifying elegance aka always looking put together.
1. Pick a grey striped blazer dress. Make sure the length of the dress is pretty decent, ideally, an inch above your knees or go for a mid length dress. No in between.
2. Go for similar coloured stilettos. Avoid wearing pumps or embellished footwear. Also, keep the length of the heels short (maximum 3 inches should be fine).
3. For accessories, keep it minimal by adding a watch, a diamond ring and diamond studs. Less is definitely more and especially when it comes to formal wear.
4. You can carry a simple clutch or a laptop bag to keep your gadgets in.
Do ’s and Don’ts :
– It should be properly tailored and ironed to avoid creases.
– Avoid wearing too many accessories
– Avoid bold and bright colors
– Avoid putting on strong perfumes
– Hygiene is of utmost importance so make sure you have your nails perfectly manicured.

By Vasavi Mehta

Picture Credits: Pinterest

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