J Jill, a premier omnichannel retailer and women’s apparel brand, has announced its second quarter (Q2) financial result for fiscal 2020 ended on August 1. Net sales for the quarter dropped to $92.6 million compared to sales of $180.7 million in the same period prior year. However, net loss for the period improved to $18.5 million (Q2 FY19: $96.7 million).

“With the majority of our stores temporarily closed through the first half of the quarter, our teams focused on driving sales through our direct to consumer channel. We also continued to tightly manage expenses as well as our working capital needs,” James Scully, interim chief executive officer of J Jill, said in a press release.

Gross profit for Q2 FY20 was $55.0 million ($105.3 million). Selling, general and administrative expenses for the quarter was $76.9 million ($102.6 million). Company incurred a loss from operations of $21.0 million ($94.8 million).

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