It’s all about simplicity.

Published: April 12, 2023

Looking at the runways of fashion and luxury brands and the variety of denim novelties  constantly on display, it is never a question of whether to wear denim, but rather “how” to  wear it. 

However, if we look at the mainstream markets and if we pay more attention to garment  finishing, a very different picture emerges in the stores. At all retailers and across all sales  channels, we tend to find simple finishes: commercial dark, medium, light shades and  distressed looks. No more resinations, no coatings, no printing, no glitter, little tinting and  over-coloring. 

It’s all about simplicity. 

Simplicity is what the market demands in terms of finishing, because differentiation mostly  comes from silhouettes, details and branding. 

Simplicity is about authenticity and original denim looks that go back to the origins. And  simplicity is, above all, an opportunity for reduced environmental impact. 

At the upcoming Kingpins show, taking place April 12-13 in Amsterdam, RUDOLF HUB1922  will showcase its simplified and highly conscious range of distinctive products for total  abrasion, local abrasion, bleaching and special softening. 

In fact, there is nothing really simple about our products” says RUDOLF HUB1922 Director  Alberto De Conti, while referring to the chemical auxiliaries, which are designed according  to a thorough scientific approach and made from renewable raw materials such as food  waste or recycled plastics. He continues, “Simple is the product range we offer to achieve a  variety of amazing esthetics and a much lower environmental impact“.

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