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Published: February 19, 2022

Infor, the industry cloud company, has partnered with Made2Flow to help fashion firms boost the transparency of their production supply chain.

According to Infor, the collaboration with Made2Flow, a technology company specializing in the analysis and validation of environmental data in the fashion industry, will assist apparel brands in increasing transparency of the production supply chain through identifiability and impact measurement solutions across tiers one to four.

According to Infor, the only way to determine how sustainable different products are is to measure their environmental impact in relation to CO2, water, and other environmental indicators. However, assessing the amount of a brand’s environmental impact is both hard and time-consuming.

Infor and Made2Flow will assist with this process by automating environmental impact calculations that use machine learning to bridge any gaps and give reliable and transparent results. Infor’s product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities will integrate with the Made2Flow platform, providing critical data for impact measurement. The collaboration is expected to enable fashion companies to continuously measure the environmental impact of their products in order to meet targets and reassure stakeholders.

Helene Behrenfeldt, Infor’s industry and solution strategy director for the fashion industry, SAID THAT Infor currently has over 1,000 fashion customers worldwide and is well-positioned to expand its offering to include better sustainability research and reporting. With today’s fashion market demands in mind, not only can Infor reduce design and development time by up to 50%, but its partnership with Made2Flow will provide fashion companies with greater visibility of impact measurements across their supply chain, allowing them to identify areas that can be improved to reduce carbon footprints.

Behrenfeldt added that by capturing data from the entire supply chain, from yarn suppliers and fabric companies to garment producers, Infor and Made2Flow have the ability to facilitate meaningful, real-time impact measurements for a given collection or style, providing a benchmark from which to deliver improvements, and facilitating the transparency consumers and governments increasingly demand.

Tal Shogol, CEO of Made2Flow, said that at Made2Flow, they built technologies to overcome data gaps and data validation to ultimately be able to measure complete collections continually in a credible manner. They are able to normalize data and allow brands and suppliers to see their impact hotspots thanks to our Bill Of Processes (BOP) engine.

Shogol added that emerging rules compel fashion brands to adopt effect measurement not only as a consumer-facing solution but also for internal control in real-time impact reduction operations. Brands will be able to correctly monitor their sustainability efforts and drive to faster impact reduction as a result of the collaboration with Infor as an intuitive working tool. At Made2flow, they believe that partnerships like this one are the best way to shift to a low-impact business.

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