Global Fashion Group (GFG), an online fashion & lifestyle destination in growth markets, has announced that Dafiti achieved 8th rank in the 2020 Fashion Transparency Index in Brazil. Fashion Revolution’s report analysed more than 200 indicators related to working conditions, gender and race equality, GHG emissions, and disposal of textile waste.
The analysis assessed the level of disclosure by 40 major retail brands on the policies, practices and social impacts within their entire value chain. Dafiti stood out with high scores in several areas, including in policies and commitments, governance and responsibility, and traceability of its processes, for which it achieved the highest weight in the final grade.
“We are delighted that Dafiti has received this recognition from Fashion Revolution in its first year of being rated in the Index. Our group-wide commitment to transparency enables us to build trust in our commitment to operating our business within planetary boundaries. Dafiti’s recognition solidifies this intent which will again be built upon in the release of GFG’s next non-financial report in early 2021,” Jaana Quaintance-Jones, chief sustainability officer at GFG, said in a press release.
“It is a great satisfaction to participate in the index for the first time and to be already positioned among the 10 brands with the highest index of transparency in the sector. Transparency is a powerful means of change and an indication of the respect we have for our consumers, suppliers and partners. There is still a lot of work to be done and we are increasingly adopting responsible practices in our value chain. We want to move forward by promoting reflections on the ecosystem that result in a new look at the sector, in a sustainable way in the long term,” Cristiano Medeiros, social responsibility and sustainability manager at Dafiti, said