Going up

Pedicures: Essential for wearing transparent trainers such as Acne’s N3W. Gnarly feet aren’t very fashion.

Teasylighting: The new balayage for hair. Highlights from the roots that look great in a ponytail.

Finger painting: As demonstrated to mesmerising effect by Amoako Boafo in Dior men’s SS21 film.

Red and black: The way to pay tribute to Kraftwerk’s Florian Schneider if you visit Electronic at London’s newly reopened Design Museum. Synthesiser optional.

Mouchette Bell: New model to note alert. Bell – a model in the 80s – has returned to fashion. See her in new images for Whistles and more.

Going down

‘Basic’: Replace with “regular” – see Dominique Jackson on the panel of vogueing show Legendary.

Ice-cream trucks: Forget 99s on the street corner. US company DS & Durga have vans travelling around New York serving ice-cold perfume.

Wayfarers: Update your sunnies ths summer by going hexagonal.

Rope sandals: Love the look of this summer’s fave footwearNot so much the ouchy rope burn side-effect.

Squalene, etc: Post-pandemic beauty is all about first aid kit favourites such as iodine. Get ready for the sting.

Weather app chat: A very tedious byproduct of a summer of staycations.