Footwear can make your simplest and your most stylish outfit stand out, which is why investing in a few good pairs is a must. Be it summer, monsoon or winter, let your style speak for itself by wearing the coolest and the trendiest footwear. 

If your style is inspired by what the influencers are wearing these days, you need to check out the latest styles of footwear they wear. Now you’re just one pair of footwear away from upgrading your style. If you want to know what’s trending in the ever-changing world of fashion, you need to follow the influencers, who are known to jump onto the bandwagon of the latest trends and styles.

If you own just one pair of shoes and need a couple more to revamp your style, let us show you a quick guide to the best shoes in town. 

  1. Jelly shoes: The currently trending jelly shoes are more than just the perfect footwear for monsoon. If you love to step out in the rain, do it in styles like the influencers and celebrities these days who are totally rocking these jelly shoes, such as Blake Lively. She once wore transparent jelly flats with her husband Ryan Reynolds on her day out. She paired it with a sleeveless maxi dress, which also makes for the perfect monsoon wear. Jelly shoes are available so easily during the monsoon, and the best part about them is that you get to experiment with your style. You can opt for either flat jelly shoes or heeled ones that suit your look.
  2. Crocs: Crocs are a monsoon staple footwear that is a must-buy this rainy season. If you’re a fan of wearing sneakers every time you step out, you need to try crocs this monsoon. They are equivalent to your comfy sneakers, which is why even influencers these days, such as Karron S Dhinggra, prefer wearing them. Crocs have a number of holes on them, which makes sure your feet stay dry and clean if you accidentally step into a puddle because the water will automatically drain out on its own. Get yourself a cute pair of crocs which are available in a ton of trending colours, designs and prints. 
  3. Gumboots: If you want to be a showstopper and turn the road into your runway, even when it’s raining, do it in style like the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton once wore classic gumboots on her day out during the monsoon, and she totally slayed the look with a cute top and jeans. If you want to get that boss vibe when you go to work, slip into a pair of gumboots that you can style with your solid T-shirt, well-fitted trousers, skinny jeans, and a blazer. Own your monsoon and look like a boss. You can opt for neutral colours in gumboots such as black, brown or even beige so that they can be worn with almost all of your outfits.

These are the best footwear that you can invest in, which will not only transform your style but also keep your feet protected.