“Fashion is a trend. Style is for everyone”

Ever wondered how your favourite celebrities are always spot on with their looks? Well, the credit actually goes to their fashion stylists who decide what they’ll wear for a particular occasion. So behind your favourite celebrity looks is actually the brain of a stylist who approaches various brands and designers and plans the entire look according to the occasion. In a world where everyone wants to look their best and stand out, it has become really important to have a good sense of style as it automatically enhances one’s confidence and mood.


“Fashion is what you buy but style is what you do with it.” So, fashion styling gives you the freedom to express yourself and allows you tell a story to the world through your outfit. Having said that, we do understand that not a lot of people are sure of which piece of clothing will sit properly with which pair of shoes and that it’s not easy for everyone to take time out and see new trends, colours and prints of the season etc.

So, we at Fashion Value Chain are proud to present a brand new series of fashion styling wherein we will be curating complete looks for you! Additional tips, tricks and DIY’s will also be shared so that the next time you go shopping, you can easily refer to them and see what works for you. We’re taking this initiative so that you can step out confidently, channeling your inner diva!

(Picture credits: Pinterest)


– Fashion Value Chain