Getting to Know: An Interaction with Sadhvi Dang

Published: March 21, 2023

Q1: Please tell us about your journey from the Pearl Academy to Naba, Milan.

The graduation programme at Pearl Academy was quite enriching in shaping my vision and skills as a professional fashion designer. The knowledge I assimilated during those four years at the university led me to an amazing opportunity to exhibit my talent before the world. Moreover, the institution has blessed me with ample networking opportunities, and as a Pearl alumna, I was selected to showcase my designs at Naba, Milan. My collection at Milan was a contemporary take on the ancient Indian art of basket weaving. 

Q2: How was your experience while working on the sets of ‘Padmawat’, and what kind of research did you do before designing the armors?

The time spent on the sets of Padmavat is still a great source of motivation for me. Each day was loaded with passion and unexhausted energy; hardworking days that extended late into the night. It was a wonderful platform where I could demonstrate my talent and skills besides gaining exposure to the star-studded industry. Despite hectic work schedules, both people and the environment complimented my creative thinking. Simultaneously, I was fully prepared to learn from the best. While working on this project, I went through a plethora of Indian period wartime costumes that inspired me to come up with a relatively modern version of armor for the movie. 

Q3: What motivated you to start your own label?

A couple of factors stimulated me to come up with my label Sadhvi Dang. Firstly, the internships under Indian designers kindled my love for Indian attires and inspired me to play with fabrics and motifs. Also, working with ‘The V Renaissance’ gifted me with experience in business logistics. 

Q4: What is your design process? What inspires your designs?

I derive my inspiration majorly from flora and fauna. Most of the motifs in my collections elegantly represent the beauty of nature, which is always mesmeric and ever intriguing. 

Q5: Are you planning to do tie-ups with major corporations in the near future?

It all depends on the demands of a project and how much liberty I am receiving while pursuing my plans. If given such an opportunity where I would be allowed to take charge, then definitely, I would love to accept it. 

Q6: What is your take on digital fashion?

In the current world where everything is going digital, it’s fascinating to see fashion escalate to the online world. As a medium, digital technologies can give a great boost to the industry, but I am a bit skeptical about its role as a creator because creativity cannot reach its culmination without human feed. 

Q7: What is your message to the budding fashion designers who want to make their name in the fashion world like you?

The best message to share with aspiring fashionistas is to identify their unique individual style and bring it to the world to admire. Nurture your originality, groom your skills, and have the patience to materialize things.

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