COVID-19 is a pandemic that will be coexisting in our big blue marble. Many PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) are being brought in to our world. FACE SHIELD is one of the creations which is going to synchronize into our daily attires. The face shields are more protective because it covers the whole face- prevents any unwanted particles entering into eyes, nose, and mouth. Eventually, Face shield will get into the domain of fashion. Wearing face masks almost a day will be uncomfortable.


Joe Doucet, founder of multidisciplinary design studio Joe Doucet x Partners have created a design that is ‘less alien and intrusive on the wearer than a typical face shield would’. This visionary layout amount to arched see-through façade which has sunglass lenses and arms. The futuristic shield can be put on like cooling glass. The entire shield is lightly tinted which has a curve that separates the eye portion with a darker tint. The arms slide over the ears which gives the feeling of wearing normal sunglasses. The shield is made with polycarbonate which gives the anti-fogging property that establishes a clear vision while using.


PPE needs to seamlessly become part of one’s routine. The approach I chose was to build on the use of sunglasses, which feel natural to most, to give a very effective tool – a face shield, a greater chance of being worn by many.” Says Joe Doucet.

They are basically used in concurrence with face masks and bounded to the medical workers who are in exposure to the infection. The designer crafted the shield using 3D design tools- which he learned and got interested in this lockdown. However, there is no photoshoot has been conducted. He interfered the photos to look like a fashion shoot with models wearing the face shields in empty streets.