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Designer Jason Wu and Supermodel Martha Hunt Confers Maturation of Fashion in Technology

Published: October 31, 2020
Author: Amit Ratanpara

Here are the reasons for Maturation of Fashion in Technology; Designer Jason Wu and Supermodel Martha Hunt.

Jason Wu, known for crafting the former First lady Michelle Obama’s outfits, has launched a Sister collection called GREY Jason Wu. While Martha Hunt, Victoria’s Secret model who worked with Jason Wu at the beginning of her career as a model, has done many runaway shows and advertisement campaigns. As the eminent personages of the Fashion industry, Wu, and Hunt discuss how fashion evolved with technology.

Wu agreed to the fact that the fashion industry has changed from year to year with the benefit of technology, which made the fashion clothing lighter, efficient, and more precise. He pointed out Hunt’s laser-cut dress which is designed by him.

Hunt specified the thrusting environment in modelling when she started doing it. Wu remarked a dialogue by actress Penelope Cruz from the film Zoolander 2 – “I used to be a model, but I have boobs” – reminding how the high fashion models should be super skinny and more like a robot showing no personality. Now, the modelling has changed drastically, empowering not only a mannequin type figure, but also different types of women.

Hunt indicated how her personality was repercussed in social media that changed a model to a brand and inspired many.

Both Wu and Hunt specified how overusing technology made everyone move far away. Sometimes all a Fashion need is a classic look. Wu is planning on doing the runway shows in a more intimate way like the 50s – models with cars. He loved the technology-themed craftsmanship with hand works in the Met exhibit.

GREY Jason Wu is all about simple, little casual, chic, effortless, and comfortable at a reasonable price. Moreover, the collection is named Wu’s favourite colour and launched at a dinner with friends.





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