Ctrl+Z Material Science from ISKO receives bluesign® certification

Published: March 16, 2023

Turkish denim manufacturer Isko has announced that its Ctrl+Z innovation, which uses solely recycled and regenerated fibres that are completely recyclable utilising the most latest recycling technology, has earned Bluesign-approved credentials.

It is a certification that Bluesign only provides to bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNERS, like manufacturers, who satisfy the demanding safety and environmental requirements of the bluesign® CRITERIA, which include, among other things, making sure that production sites are safe for employees, lowering CO2 emissions and water consumption, and keeping hazardous materials out of the production process.

This certification is one of the most challenging sustainability designations to get and is one of the most regarded independent authorities in the world. It so emphasises the level of transparency of ISKO’s items as well as the innovative and ethical production process used by Ctrl+Z. A material science known as Ctrl+Z, in particular, “undoes” post-industrial trash to make fabrics made from recycled and regenerated materials that feel and look just like the original materials they were made of but are stronger and last longer.

This is a huge accomplishment for ISKO, according to Ebru Ozküçük, Head of Sustainability at ISKO, because they invested extensively from the beginning to make their production—and the industry as a whole—more accountable, transparent, and ultimately sustainable. They’re looking forward to this new collaboration with Bluesign because it keeps lifting the bar of what is anticipated to develop the firm.

Bluesign’s CEO, Daniel Rüfenacht, emphasised the value of producing recycled denim using ethical materials and methods. cannot be emphasised enough. It has a history of having negative consequences in this sector of the economy. Yet, ISKO’s ongoing focus on advancing denim textile technologies while preserving Bluesign’s high standards demonstrates how holistic collaborations can be.


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