Swarovski has opened its Crystal Studio concept in London, marking the first in the UK, following successful openings in Milan, Paris, Tokyo, LA and Shanghai.

The Crystal Studio concept aims to redefine retail in the jewellery space, offering consumers the opportunities to “style their own sparkle” through an elevated in-store experience that offers a “memorable, highly interactive and socially focused environment,” explained the brand in a statement.

The store concept heralds a new phase in Swarovski’s differentiated approach to the retail experience by creating a “dynamic and creative space” infused with key aspects of Swarovski’s iconic DNA – glamour, mastery and innovation.

The Crystal Studio places the customer and their unique needs at the heart of the experience, encouraging creativity and spontaneity, with immersive digital jewellery stations allowing consumers to spend time discovering new products, curating looks with consultations from Swarovski’s in-store stylists and exploring product ranges virtually.

The aim of the retail concept is to allow consumers to not only enhance the purchase process, by allowing shoppers to create unique and personal jewellery, but also to encourage them to “immerse themselves” into the world of Swarovski.

Robert Buchbauer, chairman of the executive board and chief executive of Swarovski Crystal Business, said: “Innovation, creativity and the customer are at the core of this exciting new store concept. Before we started working on the aesthetics, we focused on functionality, with the ambition being to meet the digital demands of our consumers, while offering them a unique and immersive brand and shopping experience.”

In addition to an optimised store format, the layout has also been reimagined to truly reinvent the shopping experience, with digital dimensions integrated throughout to guide the shopping experience, starting from the shop window screens, aimed at capturing consumer’s attention, to interactive tablets providing styling tips. Large screens display inspirational visuals, seasonal brand and campaign content, and create a contemporary, fresh and immersive in-store experience.

The Swarovski Crystal Studio is located at 328-330 Oxford Street, London.