A restaurant in Stockholm, the Swedish capital has come up with new aprons for their staff. and the catch here is that those aprons are designed to captured the harmful greenhouse gases, making the surroundings more breathable. Textile and fashion industry is known to have a negative impact on the environment. As a result, these environment-friendly aprons are developed by a group of researchers sponsored by global giant H&M, as a solution to combat the growing pollution.

This novel technology is developed by Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA). The chemical process involves treating of cotton fibre with amine-containing solutions which enables it to pull CO2 towards the cotton substrate and then capture it. The captured gas is then stabilised and deposited on the surface of the textile material. The concept is based on the techniques of the chimneys in coal-fired power plants. These efficient textiles absorb as much CO2 as 1/3rd of what a fully grown plant can absorb. This is not that high amount, but it is still something towards contributing something towards the environment. The process is relatively cheaper and easy to produce and hence can pave a way for numerous multi-functional applications.

After being used by the restaurant staff, these aprons are then heated to about 30-40°C. The CO2 is released at these temperatures and tis then used in the restaurant owned greenhouse as plant food. This helps in completing the photosynthesis cycle as the gas is used as a plant nutrient in the end.