The genesis of Uggs might be rooted in an ancient time of bedazzled flip phones and velour tracksuits, but the Australian brand’s quality and evolving range (they now carry blankets, sneakers, athleisure and heels) have rendered Ugg’s cozy creations timeless.

Considering how stress-inducing 2020 has been, coupled with all the extra time spent at home, one particular Ugg offering has perhaps never been more helpful in maintaining one’s sanity. We’re talking about Ugg slippers. When it comes to fluffiness and keeping toes warm, Ugg slippers in their myriad forms reign supreme.

If you’ve somehow made it this long on Earth without owning a pair of Ugg slippers, or if you need a failsafe gift for somebody who could use a pick-me-up right now, now’s the best possible time to go it. Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, which officially opened to all cardholders this week and opens to the public on August 19, includes Ugg’s beloved Fluffette slippers in various punchy colors heavily discounted.

Items from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale are selling out left and right as we speak, so we recommend snapping up the cult-favorite sandals asap. We also recommend wearing them with pajama pants and a regular shirt for your next Zoom meeting to do working from home right.

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