When it comes to fashion, Cardi B isn’t afraid to fully commit to something. Take her latest music video for “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion: both rappers really went for it with their sultry, coordinated outfits. But even when she’s not on a professional set, Cardi’s personal style is just as extremely decked out. This summer, she’s worn everything from head-to-toe vintage Chanel to an entire blue leather outfit to match her Birkin bag. Nobody does coordination like Cardi; while the rest of us are matching our sweatsuits, she’s matching entire ensembles—from the beret to the bag.

Her latest outfit flex is also all about coordination, and this time it proves her dedication to a classic summer print. Taking to Instagram yesterday, Cardi showed off an all paisley look — and when we say all, we mean it. She wore a patchwork, bandana-style dress by Natasha Zinko that was covered in the iconic print. The rapper even customized her pink Birkin bag (her favorite) to have paisley on it as well, while strands of paisley fabric were woven into her miles-long braid. (It’s all in the details.)

She finished the outfit with a sleek, simple white strappy sandal. While they are certainly not the extreme poolside shoes that she’s been rocking at home lately, the no-fuss footwear added a relaxed touch to the high-wattage outfit. Maximalism is Cardi’s middle name—and it always looks good on her.

Reference source: https://www.vogue.com/article/cardi-b-queen-of-coordination-outfit