The fashion world is waking up to a slow and sustainable fashion in the post-COVID-19-era. The Indian handloom sector has always been there. It is rooted in consciousness and mutual respect towards the environment and indigenous culture. Sustainable and forgotten, these two words can easily be attributed to the cluster of weavers and handloom weaves of India. The Indian handloom industry missed the wakeup call to hitch itself to the technology wagon. Indian handloom lost the battle to people’s wardrobe while denim and polyester caught on for their easy wearability and durability.

Bharatsthali is set to be the game-changer for the handloom industry in India. Offering handloom sarees online across the world, it has been ‘vocal for local’ much before the revolution began to promote the indigenous businesses. Enabling the Indian weavers and artisans with cutting-edge technology, it is a for-profit and fair-trade enterprise that brings forward the legacy of India from the bylanes of quaint towns and mystic cities at your fingertips and to your doorsteps. From Banarasi silk saree to Muga silk saree from Assam, from Dharmavaram saree to pure Kanjivarams, from kalamkari to Ajrakh print, from phulkari to Kota Doriya and Lucknowichikan- the diversified range of sarees is available with the retailer with a unified approach to doing good- both to the weavers and eco-system!

Locally-sourced textiles, manually-operated looms and made-to-order small quantities -Bharatsthali’s handloom saree collection as well as the overall logistic chain is innately kinder and a do-gooder.

According to Pulkit, Technology made us forget our handlooms, and with Bharatsthali, we are hoping that it will redeem it too. Besides, I am also hopeful that the Indigenous handloom is the way to avert the climate crisis that can occur in 2024 if we fail to control global emissions.The fashion industry makes for more than ten per cent of the global emissions, and eighty-five per cent of all fast textiles end up in a landfill or worse, the oceans. So, the onus lies on the users. It can’t be the BAU for them as well. Indian handlooms sarees at Bharatsthali are eco-friendly and naturally-dyed. Besides they are skin-friendly and crafted out of natural fabrics optimised for the weather.”

The fair-trade market of Bharatsthali protects the weavers and artisan community and lets them move higher up in the hierarchy of the manufacturing process. As it is evident from the COVID-19 pandemic, the poor and vulnerable becomes the worst hit in such crisis, an initiative like Bharatsthali keeps them insured by offering them a foolproof logistic and delivery solution.

The texture, warmth and grace of handloom sareesare unparalleled. With Bharatsthai, the handloom sarees come closer to you. With a worldwide shipping option, this fair-trade e-retailer brings you several options that can take you from desk to dusk and from formal to casual style without much ado.