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Published: February 8, 2022

The Italian fashion house Renato Balestra, well-known for its couture and signature painterly embroidery, is revealing a complete rebrand during Milan Fashion Week later this month, with a presentation to showcase its first ready-to-wear collection.

The storied couture Renato Balestra brand, said in a statement that it is launching a “whole new phase in its long history,” and that it would simply be renamed with the designer’s last name, as Balestra.

The move is to reflect what it calls “an important generational shift,” within the fashion house leading to a whole new design era, as the label is currently led exclusively by women. The founder’s daughters Fabiana and Federica Balestra are at the head of the historical fashion house, while his granddaughter Sofia Bertolli Balestra is steering research, design and brand identity.

Federica Balestra said in a statement: “Balestra is strength, boldness and pride. This is a return to beauty and freedom.”

Italian fashion house Renato Balestra rebrands to kickstart new phase

The new-look Balestra is guided by the principles of freedom, innovation and inclusiveness to inspire new generations with optimism and glamour, added the brand, and will be brought to life during Milan Fashion Week with its first ready-to-wear collection.

The presentation will mark a “natural metamorphosis” in the history of the brand founded in 1959, with the brand bringing together a team of young designers to propel the brand’s evolution into the future.

The collection will “merge the past into the future,” explained Balestra, while also highlighting the craftsmanship and heritage of the renowned fashion house and introducing a “new paradigm of poetry and storytelling”.

This new approach will allow it to reposition the brand for sustainable growth, while leveraging its mastery of art, design, craftsmanship and technology and made-in-Italy philosophy to “elevate standards of excellent quality and innovation, as well as the human values the company has always upheld”.

The fashion house is also developing a new website and visual identity to reflect this new beginning, which will have a “contemporary aesthetic”.

Sofia Bertolli Balestra added: “We are changing, exploring and evolving new languages for a wider community. We want to engage with and inspire a new generation, reinventing our signature optimism and glamour with an authentic contemporary twist.

“Balestra is creativity through generations.”

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