It’s not just the August heat getting to her head: When Ashley Benson stepped out yesterday wearing a classic fall jacket, we realized it was high time to get our next-season wardrobes together. Summer will be over in just a few short weeks, are you ready?

On a coffee run in Studio City, Benson wore grey sweatpants, wayfarer sunglasses, Adidas slides, and a white crop top. She transformed the casual look in an instant by topping it off with a classic black leather motorcycle jacket by Saint Laurent. The throw-a-leather-jacket-on trick is one we know and love, and we have to admit, it’s nice to see it out in the wild again (layering!). The fall essential is not only versatile — wear it with dresses, jeans, slacks, even sweats, apparently — it has the power to make any look a look.

Like the classic white tee, the leather jacket will never go out of style. Its long history of wear by cool icons like Marlon Brando, James Dean, Madonna… every supermodel ever, has made the leather jacket a cool icon itself. With our everyday outfits looking more like Benson’s than ever before (comfy clothes only 2020) and brisker weather just around the corner, we know the fall staple is going to be huge this season.

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