Logic dictates that the higher temperatures rise, the fewer items of heavy clothing one ought to wear, but summer 2020 continues to be unorthodox. Celebrities have decided to play by their own rules, whether that means breaking out the cashmere sweaters early like Angelina Jolie or donning a winter jacket mid-August a la Ariana Grande. When the pop star ventured out yesterday in Los Angeles, she did so wearing an iridescent lavender puffer from Fear of God’s Essentials collection.

The oversized piece fits Grande’s athleisure-meets-girly look, which plays on proportion and sweatshirts worn with high boots. Still, with her belly-baring crop top, high-waisted jeans, on-trend Dior fanny pack, and a no nonsense mask from evolvetogether Grande would have been fully dressed. The addition of statement outerwear on an 80-degree day was decidedly unexpected.

Grande and her stylist, Mimi Cuttrell have created a signature look so recognizable that it defies any concerns about the weather. On anyone else, the combination of crop top and down jacket might seem absurd, but Grande’s outfit was undeniably her. Of course, you don’t need the world’s most famous ponytail to transform a winter piece into a style for all seasons. Natural materials and breathable fabrics make the task easy, especially as those balmy summer days start to cool down.