Designer Amit Aggarwal showcased his new couture collection on day two of the ongoing FDCI’s first-ever digital India Couture Week 2020. His 5-minute live show showcased his signature style- metallic, sculptured, and dramatic. This time the designer opted to get his collection shot underwater, depicting the weightlessness of the ocean, the caress of the wind, and the cradle of earth. His idea of presenting his collection with a completely new visual direction definitely excited us.

However, despite the prevailing circumstances, Amit Aggarwal rocked the show and treated us with his stunning new collection. From lehengas to separates to lehenga sarees, the designer’s collection had a modern take and consisted of surreal outfits that stood out and gave a 3D effect. Well, he kept his signature style and so, his outfits featured striped accents, intricate hand embroidery, sequin detailing, and organza. From rose gold to blues to greens, the hues were beautiful and it provided relaxation to eyes.

The best part was how he showed his concept and theme in it, he had completely used the opportunity of shooting the whole fashion film and show underwater. Which could have not been more prettier. I was an absolute delight to the eyes of the viewer and observer.

In a breathtaking digital experience at the first digital India Couture Week, Amit Aggarwal harnesses the power of the ocean, sky, and earth, in showcasing his new Couture 2020 collection.

Amit Aggarwal is a confessed traditionalist. Couture for him lived within the tactile experience of touch and feel. 2020 however demanded a change, and Amit turned to his eternal source of inspiration- nature to lead the way.

As we experience the world through the safety of our homes, the oceans continue to churn, the wind continues to blow and the sky still holds her secrets and celebration from sunrise to twilight. Their freedom and lightness is a promise of new beginnings every moment. This collection depicts the weightlessness of the ocean, the caress of the wind, and the cradle of earth as they nurture you in their promise.

The collection displays Amit Aggarwal’s signature aesthetic of futuristic biomimicry encouraging you to embrace the present and see beyond through the portals of time manifested in reimagined industrial material and signature polymers.

Amit aggarwal, “Couture for me is a feeling of wearing an outfit that is made especially for you, embodying your spirit and aesthetic. We always tread a balance of the surreal and functionality of the garment and it’s exciting to translate that vision into a digital experience. At the heart of it is our constant brand story of intricate craftsmanship and hand embroidery”