New Delhi: In the latest development, Amazon has said that it is planning to open a clothing store in Southern California that will offer real-time clothing recommendations to shoppers. The shoppers will be allowed to fill their preferences for style and fitting and they will get personalized recommendations in return, according to a report by Associated Press. They will receive what they wish to have in their ‘magic closet’.

With this, the company is all set to enter the brick-and-mortar business for the first time. The report also said that the online retailing giant, Amazon, currently sells over 10 percent of all the clothes in the US. However, the company has not announced any date for the launch of the store.

30,000 Square Feet Store With A ‘Magic Closet’ Amazon store will open near Los Angeles at Americana at Brand Mall, Glendale, California. The store will be spread over an area of 30,000 square feet. It will have model items on the racks and the rest of the items will be stored at the back of the shop. The shoppers can scan a code on their mobile phones and choose the size and color of their preference. After scanning, the shoppers will be made to stand in a virtual queue and notified when it’s their turn to try the clothes on. They will then enter ‘a magic closet‘ as a report by Reuters calls it. The staff will deliver your desired clothes to the trial room.

The shoppers can use the touchscreen, available in the trial room, to request more items and the staff will deliver them shortly. The touchscreen will also recommend clothes to the shoppers based on algorithms. However, the shoppers can fill in a survey form according to their preferences.

Amazon Taking Big Strides In Clothing Industry

The AP report also added that Amazon Inc became the biggest clothing seller by defeating Walmart, last year. The pandemic forced people to shop online and this led to Amazon’s rise. The sales of clothes and footwear on Amazon rose by 15% in 2020.