Beige is such a fashionable colour because it’s understated and conservative, which translates to being ‘timeless’ in fashion.

This single piece of clothing is perfect for your WFH days. Easy to wear and care free, a simple dress can make a style statement. Choose it over your jeans and t-shirt combo if you want to make the most of these hot days.

Wash your face, brush your hair and don’t deny the power of a little blush and lip gloss. Even when you know your workday will be super low-key .Always put in a little effort to look presentable. This way if plans change and you need to go out or an unexpected call gets booked, you feel ready.

Wearing minimalist jewelry can add a touch of glam to your look while still keeping it elegant and sophisticated.

Until next time be safe , be healthy.

Look styled by – Bhavika Gulrajani

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