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Fashion Shift: Clothing Reimagined

Published: April 22, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

We have seen a slow shift of fashion in the recent years, in clothing textiles particularly. Regardless of which market segments of sportswear, kids’ garments or women’s clothing, they have all shown some functionalities as new offerings to consumers. The demand has increased along with what these fashion brands and retail outlets have got to offer. Regardless of the approach, the direct use of nanotechnology enhancement in textiles has been inevitably shown to create properties like stain repellent, wrinkle-free, static eliminating, electrically conductive and anti-microbial garments. These properties have been found to be further benefitted by there being no compromise in clothing quality and comfort.

Let’s look at some statistics to validate these observations. The demand has grown so much throughout the past years where consumers are demanding more than just a fabric. The industry players in the textile industry look forward to improve in technology adoption. The market for textiles making use of nanotechnologies has risen rapidly from $20.3 billion in 2008 and is projected to reach $205 billion by 2022 representing 16% of the global textile industry by value. Women’s clothing line is amongst the many sub segments ready to push to sales up and forward with technology adoption.

Fashion and technology are inevitably a blend of art with each comprises of its own advancements and developments. When NanoTextile launched the themes “Going Functional” in 2016, “When Fashion Meets Technology” and “When Mighty Meets Nano” in 2019, fashion companies are by necessity quick to pick up on the latest trends. It was the year when fashionista and technologist believe in clothing reimagination. NanoTextile did just that by extending to everything from clothes and business models to new innovations in functional, technical offerings and production.

NanoTextile offers the opportunity of both investment and opportunity for all main players in the industry to offer functional clothing as part of their series of products. Fashion industry and technology combine from manufacturing process until the end product as they face up to its responsibility to satisfy consumers and fulfill demand. In NanoTextile, we are focused at nano-embedment processes, which is the final finishing process. Our technologies are compatible to different types of fabric such as composite, leather, cotton, PE, chiffon, silk, lycra, linen and etc. Optimization of the embedment process is done to target market segments like automotive, industrial, home and clothing textiles. The application gives advantages in fashion industry with various offerings in terms of performance, comfortability, cleanliness and current needs. The technology finishing defers from each other. NanoTextile offers an array of technologies, functionalities attributed by nanotechnology range from the Hygienic, Care, Comfort, Protection, Advanced and Premium series. For example, the Hygienic Series would consist of the anti fungus, anti microbial, anti bacterial, self-cleaning and odor control technologies. By offering the embedment processes through friendly and approachable business models, clients can maintain their supply chain un-disrupted.

With different series offering of technologies, NanoTextile is ready to catalyse the whole textile industry covering horizontal of segments with new functionalities to address the demands.

“When Fashion Meets Technology” has definitely infused confidence to consumer. Using nanomaterials in industrial textiles offers a way to the creation of textiles that fits this bill. The idea was to convey the message that technologies can be used to improve the current state of fabric. With nanotechnology embedment as an added value proposition, many new functionalities are being introduced – the demand statistics. For instant, “When Mighty Meets Nano” in 2019 promotes odor free technologies in women’s clothing and sportswear market segments.

In 2020, NanoTextile sets forth to continue the attempt to reimagine the fashion industry. There will be three products launches with its partners as well as two strategies to extend the spill over success from the past years which include free consultation all year long. It has always been a mission to catalyse the industry by getting the industry to embrace functional textile manufacturing. If 2019 was about setting footprint at international level like Fibre2Fashion and World Textile Information Network (WTiN), then 2021 and beyond is about converting and reaching business realizations.

With that, nanotechnology is a no doubt an interdisciplinary technology often seen as a new industrial revolution. It is offering a novel means of processing fabric that could transform the clothing industry. To modernize the clothing industry, NanoTextile offers a new approach for the processing of fabric materials. The expectations of modern day consumers regarding the textile products they use have increased dramatically and will continue to rise. Consumers want textiles that suit their taste and are comfortable, hygienic and eco-friendly. The ever-increasing demand for sophisticated fabrics with special features and exceptional comfort drives the need for the use of nanotechnology in this industry.

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