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Fashion after COVID impact.

Published: September 5, 2020
Author: SAA-C02 PDF Dumps

It’s stormy outside but, the rain doesn’t last forever.

During the 1918, Spanish influenza pandemic, surgical face masks became a staple item worn at all times both indoors and outdoors due to their essential protection… Similarly, the crisis that we are now finding ourselves in will undoubtedly initiate a shift in how we interpret fashion. Like the effect of past world wars and pandemics, we too will have to focus on quality over quantity, practicality over vanity.

This is a wake-up call for both us as consumers and for the industry as a whole. The threat that this pandemic holds over our heads is a call to action for the fashion industry to slow down, move away from mass production, and change direction, before an even larger problem is at hand.
Also accepting, that our style trends will change mask is no longer a luxury, It’s a necessity After the crisis, there would come a celebration point, As Imaginary it sounds like it would happen. “Life would again become technicolor of exultant parties, dazes of buzzing streets, and yeah cake.”

“The new normal will someday become the old normal.”

Coronavirus will force us to look within and empower sustainability for a very long run Sustainability is one thing we all will understand and it might stay even when the normal happens again. Now, the global coronavirus pandemic has brought sustainability to the fore. As an immediate threat to everyone’s health, it demonstrates how fragile we are as human beings and how our future health and happiness depend on a healthy environment. Also, one big thing that the COVID-19 phase did is to make us look within ourselves and made us ask at least once that “Do we really need 25 T-shirts?”

Also, with the whole economic slowdown and company chain being broken Going local will be the best option we will have, which also will, reduce carbon footprints and empower the Country.

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