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Denimsandjeans Announces Two Initiatives For Global Denim Industry.

Published: March 8, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

The impact of pandemic on the denim industry and lives cannot be overstated. One of the most painful and distressful spinoffs has been the inability of all stakeholders to meet in person. The Denim community is a very tight-knit family with most of them knowing each other and have seen each other grow over the years.

When everyone used to meet during the physical fairs, the energy was abounding and it was wonderful for the industry people to meet their denim friends, buyers, suppliers, and all. Though during the pandemic and times of social distancing people did not think much of it then, now we all sorely miss the personal interaction. Though most of the people still interact through virtual means individually, the feeling of being together as a community is missing. To make up for this missing interaction, Denimsandjeans’s virtual event Denim Re-Union, scheduled for March 30-31, will bring the community Face2Face once again in a large group.

The show offers FACE2FACE Calls along with the CHATS facility. The users can use this platform for their informal discussions as well. The show will be one day for European customers on 30th March from 3.30 PM CET to 6.30 PM CET and for US customers on 31st March from 4.30 pm CET to 8.30 PM CET.

Besides, Denimsandjeans will have some cool live AW22 Collection talks by some innovative denim companies on both days.


Due to covid, a lot of designers/merchandisers and other denim professionals lost their job and have been severely affected by the pandemic and through this show, the organizers would also like to extend all support to them.

“We know that most of these people – especially the designers – have great talent which is of great importance to the industry. However, they are not able to use this talent to their full in current circumstances”, said Mr. Sandeep Agarwal, Founder & CEO of Denimsandjeans

“We want to bring such designers to be a part of the show – where they can interact with all visitors and exhibitors and anyone can just reach out to their TABLES in the LOUNGE and meet them! We really hope that this initiative will help bridge the gap between the talent and the talent hunters! “, Mr. Agarwal added.#

Transparency: The DE-BRANDS AW22 Collection Launch from 7th April

De Brands – An Online B2B sourcing app, a prodigy of Denimsandjeans, has also announced the launch of AW22 collections in full detail from over 50 companies globally. This will happen on April 7th at DE Brands platform which will offer a precursor to that event on March 30-31st. The app is available on all platforms including android, ios , and the web. To check out the latest denim collections, one needs to either download the app or register on the web.

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