In 2019– the pre-pandemic normal year – Bangladesh stood third in the US denim apparel import tally, lagging behind Mexico and China…

And, in disrupting times, Bangladesh has surpassed both the countries to top the tally. The country had concluded 2020 with the US $ 561.29 million worth of denim apparel exports to the USA as compared to the US $ 469.12 million of Mexico and the US $ 331.93 million of China.

Now that the latest apparel import data of the USA is out, Bangladesh has yet again shown its dominance in the denim category during 2021 as it topped the list with the US $ 798.42 million worth of denim apparel shipment to its largest export destination, noting 42.25% Y-o-Y growth.

The total denim apparel imports of the USA are valued at US 3.68 billion in 2021, growing by 31.36% over 2020. It’s worth noting here that Bangladesh’s share has increased to 21.70% in 2021 from 15.65% in 2019, despite the USA not being able to surpass its 2019 import values in the denim apparel category.

The data, further analyzed by Apparel Resources, indicates that Mexico shipped denim apparel worth US $ 654.87 million in the USA, increasing by around 39.60% on yearly basis, while China slipped to 5th position in just two years and managed to clock the US $ 387.91 million from its denim apparel export to the USA in 2021.

Despite short-term disruptions created by COVID-19 in Vietnam, the country clocked its 3-year highest export revenues in 2021 in the mentioned category as its shipment valued the US $ 402.29 million, as compared to the US $ 368.18 million in 2020 and the US $ 372.02 million in 2019.

Pakistan trumped China and stayed marginally ahead with the US $ 389.76 million, noting 54.80% over 2020.