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Crisis for Garment Workers(Bangladesh)

Published: August 3, 2020

A garment worker carries unfinished pants in Dhaka, Bangladesh during the coronavirus pandemic, 31 July 2020

As per this pandemic hit the fashion industries very bad some companies are leaving their factories in Bangladesh at this crisis point. But some initiatives companies launched including Remake’s ‘Payup’ and Red Carpet Green Dress’s ‘Global Design Contest 2020’ to raise awareness of the impact on garment workers and provide them with aid.

After hearing all this we try to raise awareness by posting many Instagram campaign sharing popular hashtags to show solidarity or concern, but does this result in any material difference to garment workers?


What is the Condition of garment workers?

As recently a piece of news was in trending on Instagram for the Dhaka Tribune, Bangladesh. Many workers have been interviewed some of them claim to sell their newborn babies, to pay the hospital bills.  Due to some companies been closed this April many workers lose which give them to live from hand to mouth.


This shocking situation is not an isolated incident, explained Nazma Akter, founder of the Awaj Foundation, an NGO providing training, and emergency support to garment workers facing destitution, discrimination, and violence.

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