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Published: July 14, 2020

In 2020 it’s now no longer a secret were a few years into the height & resurgence of the Chunky Sneaker Trend. From Balenciaga Triple S, Raf Simon’s Adidas Ozweego, Fila disruptor & Yeezy wave runner 700 being at the forefront of the chunky trainer phenomenon its fair to say the hype doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.

What’s most interesting about the Chunky Sneaker Trend phenomenon is that this particular style which is admired by millennials today was the same style clowned years ago and branded as the Dad Shoe. Now the dad shoe trend is cool! One thing for certain, fashion trends always come back into style (Nostalgia always has a place to return). Only this time the dad shoe intended for dads has come back into style for millennial’s around the world and especially millennial’s living in cultural hubs such as London, New York, LA, Berlin, Hong Kong, Paris & Milan amongst others.

Over the year’s sneaker soles have got chunkier, colours brighter with greater attention to detail. Take the Balenciaga Triple S for example, this chunky trainer has 3 sole units stacked onto each other which definitely became the topic of conversation by sneaker heads and on social media. 

From sportswear brands to High fashion labels all competing to create chunky sneakers that stand out, looks uniquely different to what’s out in the market all the while adding flames to the hype, this trend is here to stay.

Ugly is Sexy according to the Chunky Sneaker Trend

Strange as it sounds, regarding street culture the chunky sneaker which definitely has an ugly look is appreciated by consumers as its unique look speaks to individuality and not following trends at the time it first become popular in the market, by creating something which wasn’t the norm back then. The Result? A chunky ugly trainer.

Why the hype all of a sudden?

Although it was heavily mocked at the time of its come back, its unique look being so different to what was out naturally drew the attention of consumers worldwide. The start of this trend can be traced back to around 2013 -2014 with Raf Simons design of the Adidas Ozweego.

The need to stand Out

While simple silhouette trainers will always remain the standard amongst the majority of customers whether sneaker heads or not, the need to stand out has become more apparent amongst millennials.

With social media so prominent in society, looking different and being unique has never been more celebrated. To reflect this shift in consumer behaviour when purchasing streetwear, brands have recognised this and as a result we have mismatching colour sneakers, more chunkiness and more ugliness. Customers who are more prone to buying these chunky trainers are more likely looking to make a statement whether they are conscious of it or not.

Simply High Demand! 

Since the resurgence of the chunky sneaker trend we have witnessed a massive increase amongst individuals cited across major cities in the world literally buying into the hype and with the trend becoming bigger so does the demand. This demand has also meant that different brands have chipped in to produce their own creative chunky sneaker. As more and more consumers purchase more will be produced. Supply and Demand my friends, Supply and Demand!








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