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Canadian Apparel and Household Good Brands, Customer Items, Launches NFT Outcome with Fancy Icon Nick Wooster

Published: May 20, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Fancy icon, Nick Wooster, has properly dropped his first-ever NFT in collaboration with Customer Items, a Vancouver based customer goods brand focused on apparel, personal care, and household needs. Customer items aims to be at the forefront of customer goods and blockchain / NFT. Their Nick Wooster NFT is a bold deep dive into the digital trading space to build community hype around their new product launch.

While NFTs are still speculative in nature, there is added value for Consumer Commodity & Nick Wooster with this new approach. Being able to authenticate ownership of a digital art collectible will create a lasting piece of the brand that will live on the blockchain. There verifiable uniqueness of the Nick Wooster x CON-C NFT’s also deepen the commemoration of their apparel/ products and reputable designer, London Alexander.

Consumer Commodity is offering 20% off all sweatsuit pieces (the same as Nick Wooster appears in via NFT) on their online shop, CON-C.

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