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BTTextiles: Platform for Industry Networking

Published: August 28, 2023

BITTextiles is a B2B platform made specifically for the Textile & Garment Industry where businessmen can find customers, brokers & suppliers exactly as per their requirements and use BITTextiles’ tools for daily management of their business.

On 14-07-2023, BITTextiles organised a seminar at Mumbai Textile Merchants Mahajan Hall, 250, Shaikh Memon Street, 1st Floor, Opp. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, Zaveri Bazar, Mumbai – 400002. The visitors were prominently finished fabric wholesalers & brokers from the Kalbadevi Market. Mr. Kantilal Jain, President of Mumbai Textile Merchants Mahajan & Mr. Narendra Mehta, President of Shri Market Silk Merchants Association had also attended the seminar.

The seminar was handled by the company’s CEO, Mr. Viral Mehta and COO, Mr Sahil Mehta. They made sure that BITTextiles is not about doing online work. On the contrary, their platform promotes physical business with a belief that the current businesses can work better & smarter by using their tools. It looked that the platform was highly user-friendly and any person from any age group would be able to use it. The visitors found the platform to be unique and found it to be very beneficial for their own businesses. The Question & Answer Session was managed by BITTextiles’ MD, Bhavesh Mehta. Being an active & experienced businessman from the fabric industry, he was easily able to understand the pain points of fellow businessmen and the businessmen were also freely able to ask questions and freely express their problems. The result was a healthy one hour long Question & Answer session where the visitors were convincingly answered by Bhavesh Mehta. Questions related to profile creation, searching leads and online product privacy were mainly tackled during the session. It seemed that the platform was made as per the needs of the industry, hence giving a convincing relief along with a ray of hope for the future to all the visitors.

Lastly, Bhavesh Mehta wrapped up the session with a powerful belief – “For attracting youth in the textile & garment industry, the current businessmen need to digitise themselves & their businesses.”

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