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Breezing through Monsoon in Fine Linen

Published: August 31, 2023

As we traverse across seasons from summer to monsoon, presenting from the House of Kaveri a resplendent line of no-fuss linen wear that’s comfortable, breezy and make for the perfect range of elegant day or evening wear.

Introducing, Monsoon Edit: an enchanting amalgamation of comfort linen wear boasting soft muted tones which elegantly transition from summer to monsoon pastels, and exquisite embellishments- where each piece is a poetic interlude to the season and a stunning homage to Mother Nature.

The styles from the new Collection are a testament to the design prowess and expert craftsmanship from the Kaveri; encompassing a minimalistic, elegant and tasteful approach to design which caters to anyone and everyone.

Whether you’re looking to make an entrance at an afternoon tea party with the beautiful Camelia Twirl Dress that blooms with the iridescence of Camelia flowers emblazoned in white and gold or turn heads at a party in the magnificent Bodyline Roots coords with a stunning metallic anchor thread motif.

Explore the riveting new range from the Monsoon Edit online at or at her stores in Chennai, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Kaveri is India’s only all-linen clothing brand, who draws inspiration from the natural beauty, texture, drape and sustainability of this glorious fabric.  Our ethos from the very beginning has been to provide inclusive and honest clothing using the finest linen fabrics for the women of today- drawn from her personal experience in finding the perfect set of clothes that fit right, look fabulous and make her feel beautiful inside out- resulting in the brand that Kaveri is today. Catering to all shapes and sizes, she creates garments that exude confidence, versatility and free-flowing comfort making them easy to wear everyday with each piece narrating a story. These contemporary designs flow and drape in interesting and flattering silhouettes that change the way you feel about yourself: powerful, whimsical and always effortlessly stylish.

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